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About Rochelle

Nevada State Senator Rochelle Thuy Nguyen was appointed to serve the constituents of District 10 in 2023, following her successful terms as a Nevada State Assemblywoman.  She is proud to be the first democratic Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) to serve in the Nevada Legislature. She has taken the role of trailblazer seriously as a member of the first female majority legislature in the country as well as taking on establishing the first AAPI caucus in the state of Nevada.
Rochelle moved to Las Vegas over 20 years ago and believes that our diversity is what makes Nevada a great place to live and raise a family.  She has prioritized in her career as an attorney, reforming our criminal justice system so that it is fair and impartial to everyone and fighting for mental health care.    

She watched her parents work multiple jobs to make sure she and her younger sister had access to a great education. She learned an extraordinary work ethic and the importance of a motto of “giving everything we have to everything we do.”

Rochelle knows first hand the doors a good education can unlock and was first in her family to graduate college and then attend law school.  Rochelle earned her law degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and is a practicing attorney. She and her husband are the proud parents of two children who attend Clark County public schools. She believes it is imperative that Nevada leads the way on adapting our education system to our diversifying economy so that we can increase the talents of our workforce and promote more economic growth.
Senator Nguyen serves on multiple committees in the legislature including Judiciary, Health and Human Services, and Finance Committees. In her short time as a legislator, she counts as some of her proudest votes:

  • expanding access to affordable health care,

  • increasing funding to give our teachers a raise,

  • addressing the climate crisis,

  • cracking down on gun violence,

  • and reforming our criminal justice system.

Above all else, Rochelle counts as her greatest priority, paying it forward to the heritage and community which she came from.  As a daughter of a refugee, she is committed to helping every Nevadan she serves have opportunities for success.

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